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Posted by on 4:00 pm in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Are Family Reunions Getting Too Difficult To Clean Up? Tips For Making These Gatherings Cleaner And Easier

Family reunion season is just around the corner. Many families tend to use the summer, Memorial Day weekend, and Independence Day to organize massive family gatherings with second, third, and fourth cousins. If you look forward to seeing your great aunt Bertha and your second cousin Eddie, but do not look forward to the after-party clean-up, here are some tips for making these gatherings cleaner and easier. Move the Bathrooms Outdoors With that many family members encroaching on one place, you can bet your bathroom (or bathrooms, if you have more than one) is going to be a very busy and messy place. This year, why not move the bathrooms outdoors? Portable toilets and portable sink stations can be rented and dropped on the lawn. You can redirect all of your family members to these rentals to wash up and take care of their toileting needs. If they mess up these bathrooms, you do not have to clean them either. The porta-potty rental service takes care of that. When the guests are finally gone, the service returns to pick up the toilets and outdoor handwashing stations. They clean, empty, and sanitize the stations before renting them out again. Meanwhile, your own indoor bathroom remains tidy. Use Dumpster Rental Services When you have between twenty and seventy people consuming mass quantities of BBQ, beverages in bottles and cans and using lots and lots of paper plates and napkins, you are going to need some way to keep that mess tidy and out of sight. A dumpster rental service provides you with a dumpster for trash and leftover BBQ scraps, a dumpster for paper and cardboard recycling, and a dumpster for all of those cans and bottles. You can rent them for as long as your family hangs around or as short as a single day and the dumpster service will come and retrieve the whole mess. None of that ends up in your kitchen or blowing around on your lawn. Click the link for a dumpster rental service or do an online search.  Use a Caterer With a family reunion of any size, things tend to get a little hairy, and nobody really gets a chance to visit with anyone. When the whole event is at your house, you are usually the one cooking and preparing all of the food, which means you are stuck in the kitchen or stuck at the grill. If, this year, you would rather sit and actually enjoy a glass of wine while conversing with family, hire a caterer. The caterer does all of the food prep, cooking, and serving, and best of all, the caterer cleans it all up and does not leave even a drop of mustard behind on the picnic...

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Posted by on 12:59 pm in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips For Buying Used Rims

Rims can be an expensive part for your car if you are buying them new. Whether you need to replace a damaged rim, need a rim so you can upgrade to a full-size spare, or want a set of rims so you can keep your snow tires mounted, used rims provide a cost-saving alternative to new. You can find used rims, often in near pristine condition, at an auto recycler yard. Recyclers often get cars that have been totaled in an accident, but the rims were untouched. The following tips can help you spot a good rim when you are shopping used. Tip #1: Double Check Your Measurements There are three main measurements you need to match up between the rim and your vehicle: Bolt spacing and pattern. This is the most important one because you can’t put the rim on your car if this doesn’t match. Fortunately, most manufacturers use the same pattern for all their models, so sticking with the same manufacturer usually makes it easy to match this measurement. Centerbore. This is the hole in the center of the rim, and it determines how well the rim is centered on the axle’s hub. Measure the diameter of the centerbore and then double check that any rims you are looking at match the measurement you took from your current rims. Wheel measurements. This is the diameter and width of the rim. If you are simply buying a single replacement rim, you will need to make sure that this matches the measurements of the rest of your rims. If you are getting all new rims, check with your car’s manufacturer or look in the owner’s manual to see which sizes of rims are safe for your vehicle. Tip #2: Check for Damage There are two main types of damage that you can spot with just your eye. The first is rust damage – if a rim shows signs of rust or discoloration, keep looking. Rust will eventually eat away at the metal, plus it is unsightly. The other easy-to-spot problem is damage to the outer edges of the rim. If the edge of the rim is bent, then your tire won’t seal against it properly, which means the tire can’t hold air. There should be no visible damage to the rim. Tip #3: Look for Warping Warped rims may not be as obvious as bent or rusted rims. You can check on site by standing the rim upright in a level area and rolling it. It should roll smoothly if it is perfectly round – a warped rim will have a jerky or bumpy roll. After the roll test, lay the rim flat on level ground. There should be no gaps between it and the ground at any point if it isn’t warped. Flip the rim and check the other side, just to be sure. For more information, contact Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling or a similar...

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