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Are You Looking To Sell Copper Wire? Factors You Should Consider As You Look For A Copper Wire Buyer

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The value of copper is high right now. As such, you can make a lot of money selling any scrap or old copper wire you may have. However, not every copper wire buyer is the same. Here are a few factors you should consider as you look for a recycling company to sell your copper wire to. How Much They Pay One of the most important factors to consider as you search for a copper wire buyer is how much the buyer is willing to pay for your copper wires. The price of copper fluctuates, and as such, you may find that a buyer is willing to pay different amounts based on these rates. Always compare the rates in your area to find a fair amount. As you compare rates, take the time to learn if the rate they are offering is per ounce of copper or if the rate includes the wires, which will be stripped out later. You can expect to get a higher amount per ounce of pure copper, but then you have to strip the wire out yourself, which can be time consuming. If They Strip the Wire Speaking of stripping the wire out, as you shop for a copper wire buyer, ask if they will strip the wire out or if you are required to do it. All the copper buyer wants is the copper coating on the exterior of the wires. In order to get that, the copper needs to be stripped away. This can be time consuming and it does take some skill to ensure you get all of the copper and none of the wire. If you have never done this before, you may want to find a company who will strip the wire for you. However, be aware, that you will usually get less money if a company has to do the stripping themselves, because their time is worth something. How The Copper is Delivered and How They Pay The last factor you should consider as you search for a copper wire buyer is how they pay. Some companies will have you mail in your copper. They will then weigh the copper and issue you a check. Other companies will let you drop the wire off to you. They weigh it and then pay you cash on the spot. If you need money quickly and don’t want to deal with cashing a check, the second option is better for you. If you are busy and don’t want to drive across town to drop off your copper, the first option may be better. Always find a copper wire buyer who allows for drop off and payment that best meets your needs. When you have old copper wire to sell, you want to find the right copper wire recycling company for you. Comparing prices, figuring out if you need to strip the wire yourself and determining how the copper is delivered and you are paid for the copper will help guide you to the right company....

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Aren’t Sure What’s Left On Your Electronic Devices? What Are Your Best Disposal Options?

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If you’re like many families who regularly upgrade your electronic devices — from phones to tablets — you may have a drawer or old shoebox filled with obsolete devices you no longer know what to do with. Although there are electronics recycling services available at electronics stores, local trash facilities, and even mall kiosks, you may be reluctant to turn over possession of your electronic devices without knowing exactly what information is contained inside. What are your options if you’d like to get rid of old electronic devices but aren’t sure what personal data could be gleaned from them? Read on to learn more about securely recycling your old electronic devices. How can you ensure you’ve erased any personal data from your electronic devices? While you may have heard that holding your phone up to a strong magnet is an easy way to “wipe” the hard drive clean, this method isn’t foolproof for every phone. Devices that still have a working battery or power cord and are able to be powered on are best erased through an encryption process that will protect everything from browsing data to SMS messages from being retrieved through a recovery program. The specifics of encrypting your specific device can usually be gleaned through an online instructional video, while some manufacturers have detailed information on their websites. If you no longer have your phone’s power cord or it doesn’t function well enough to allow you to encrypt any data on it, your most secure option is to remove and destroy the SIM card, then destroy the phone. Since most electronics recycling centers aren’t eager to take a demolished hunk of metal and plastic in lieu of a recognizable cell phone, you may simply want to select a recycling facility that can destroy the device in front of you so you’ll be able to rest assured none of your data has fallen into the wrong hands. What are your best recycling options? In most areas, there will be several available options at your disposal — recycling through an electronics store, through a metal recycling or scrap metal processing plant, or by putting your phone into a freestanding kiosk in exchange for cash. While the latter option is often the most convenient for those who have been able to encrypt the data on the phone they’re recycling, it’s generally best for those with non-operable cell phones to take these phones to a metal recycling plant that can crush them before your very...

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3 Reasons To Get Defective Airbags Recycled

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Are you trying to figure out how to get rid of the recalled airbags in the vehicles at your dealership? You might want to consider shipping the airbags to a recycling center. There are many good reasons to get airbags recycled over sending them to a landfill. Take a look at this article for a list of the benefits that comes along with getting airbags recycled. 1. Lowers the Risk of Exposure to Hazardous Materials One of the dangers of not properly disposing of defective airbags is exposure to volatile compounds. A known volatile compound that has been found in certain airbags is called formaldehyde. The worst thing about exposure to formaldehyde is that it can cause cancer to develop. Leaving removed airbags around your dealership until they are disposed of can increase the risk of you and your employees inhaling formaldehyde. Getting the airbags recycled as soon as possible is in your best interest, especially if you don’t want to end up getting sued. 2. Not Worrying About Being Held Liable for an Airbag Injury It is wise to remove the defective airbags from your vehicles as soon as possible. If you sell one of the vehicles to a customer and the airbag deploys, you might be held liable if an injury occurs. Even if no injury occurs and the airbag deploys for no reason, you could end up in a lawsuit. Even if you don’t get sued, you might face a large fine that can result in legal penalties. A recycling center will be able to take possession of deployed and non-deployed airbags as soon as you are ready to get rid of them. 3. Individual Materials Can Be Recycled for New Products A benefit of getting defective airbags recycled is that different materials can be reused for manufacturing other products. One material on an airbag that can be reused is the plastic, which is sometimes transformed into pellets that can be melted down when needed for other products. Metal is another useful material that can be found on airbags, and the recycling center can transform the pieces into sheets. Before any of the recyclable materials are removed from the defective airbags, all of the hazardous material will be removed and properly disposed of by those professionals. Get in touch with a recycling company to find out how you should go about getting your defective airbags to their...

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Design A Recycling Plan When Removing Computers

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When phasing out a large number of computers, what do you plan on doing with the old units? There’s a bit of money you could make back through recycling and some repair potential if you plan out the removal with recycling and reuse in mind. Consider a few ways to make the removal and recycling process a bit easier, and ways you can extend the useful life of your old computers and parts. Streamline The Removal Process Desktop computers and laptops may not look like much when they’re sitting on the desk, but constantly disconnecting cables, picking up towers and grabbing the awkwardly-shaped monitors can become exhausting quickly. With multiple people working on systems and moving to their destinations, a loose plan needs to be developed. There’s no benefit in making a strict, exact plan of walking down a single path to a single designated point (this can get really tiresome and extremely annoying for workers), but it’s a great idea to designate a specific room or side of a room for certain materials. Designate one area for computers that need to be taken apart for parts, then another area for systems that are being thrown out. Workers responsible for taking apart computers should have their own room free of distraction, or at least an area where other workers, supervisors and overly-interested superiors can’t interrupt their careful work. If these parts need to be used as spares for newer computers, they need to be taken out carefully, and there’s nothing efficient about a supervisor staring over a fatigued worker’s shoulder. The exit and entrance path needs to be designated to reduce collisions or slowdowns. Simple rules such as having everyone walk on their right side of a hallways or using a specific elevator only for removal work can keep things flowing while reducing the wait time of people carrying heavy items. What Can Be Done After Recycling? If there are parts that are damaged or too old to use in newer systems, simply separate them for recycling. A recycling professional can deliver recycling bins for parts, allowing you to remove specific components such as aluminum or copper heat sinks, hard drives containing rare earth magnets or many other recyclable materials inside computer. Spare parts need to be stored in static-free containers and labeled at the container level to reduce the amount of time needed to shuffle around for the right part. If you plan on getting rid of usable, but slightly old computers, a donation program may be available to help local schools and the less fortunate. All of the computers, parts and other recyclable materials can add up to a huge load. If you need to get rid of everything as soon as possible while still maintaining your plan, contact a recycling professional to hire a roll off dumpster service for easy loading and efficient...

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When Greeting Cards Can’t Be Recycled (And How You Can Change That)

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Greeting cards are a great way to tell somebody you love them, but what happens when you’ve collected dozens of them over the years? While you can throw them away, there’s no need, as greeting cards are easily recyclable. At least most of the time- there are certain circumstances that make them impossible to recycle. Thankfully, that situation can be remedied. Greeting Cards Are Usually Made Of Paper And Cardboard Typically, most greeting cards can be easily recycled, as they are usually made out of paper and cardboard. As a result, they can be recycled and transformed into other paper items, such as new greeting cards, book paper, or anything else. Recycling greeting cards is necessary due to the heavy impact greeting cards have on the environment. An astonishing seven billion greeting cards are purchased ever year, and since they possess very little reuse value beyond sentimentality or nostalgia, most of them end up in in landfills. Items In Cards That Can’t Be Recycled While the paper and cardboard of greeting cards can be easily recycled, there are some greeting card items that can’t. Unfortunately, this causes many people to simply throw their cards away, creating unnecessary waste. The following common greeting card items cannot be recycled: Any electronic noise maker included on the card Foil-lined envelopes Batteries used in electronic items Metal charms Any foil Cutouts made of felt and ribbon Glitter stuck to the exterior of the card Removing Those Items Before throwing your greeting cards in a recycling bin en masse, look over all of them to find the non-recyclable items mentioned above. Separate them into individual piles sorted by the type of problematic item each contains. This helps you sort through the removed items and dispose of them in an appropriate trash container. Use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut out electronic items, scrape off glitter, remove foil, cut off metal charms, and any ribbons attached. Don’t be afraid to cut the card, as this won’t affect the recycling process. Make sure to fully remove every offending item from each card and place the cards in the recycling bin. Now, you can easily recycle your collection of greeting cards without worrying about any of them causing a problem in the recycling process. This helps you reuse these cards by turning them into other items and decrease the amount of trash you generate, decreasing your need for garbage disposal. You can discover more on proper garbage disposal...

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4 Tips For Selling Your Junk Car At A Local Scrap Yard

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Are you interested in scrapping or selling your old car for parts? If so, then you’ll want to begin by searching for reputable scrap yards in your area. Scrapping your car is a great way to get some cash in your pocket while also saving yourself the hassle of finding a buyer for your vehicle. Still, before you scrap or sell your car, there are a few important tips you’ll want to keep in mind. Research Current Values For starters, take the time to research what kind of money you can expect to get for your vehicle. This way, you’ll be well-informed and can ensure you get a find a reasonable offer. If your car is still in decent running shape, consider researching the Kelley Blue Book value and bringing that paperwork with you. Or, if you’re only planning on selling the car for its working parts, take the time to research how much money each of those parts tends to sell for online. Find Out About Requirements Depending on where you live, there are some specific requirements that you may need to follow in order to legally scrap your car. In most cases, for example, you’ll at least need to bring your vehicle registration, along with a title to the vehicle (this is done to ensure that there are no lien holders on the car itself).  Also, keep in mind that when you scrap your car, you may have to surrender your license plate as well. Don’t Forget the Receipt Your auto insurance company will need to know when you scrap your car so that they can end your coverage. However, most auto insurance companies will also require you to provide proof that the car was scrapped, so you’ll need to obtain a copy of your receipt from the scrapyard. Not to mention, this is something that’s good to have for your own records as well. Determine Your Best Bet Take the time to research your options and determine which will yield you the most money. For example, you may be able to maximize your profits by taking the time to remove your own car parts and sell them individually, rather than having the scrap yard handle this for you. Of course, whether or not this is worth it will depend on how experienced you are when it comes to removing car parts and how knowledgeable you are on what each part is worth. Contact a company like TVM Recycling for more...

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Three Reasons To Use Professional Information Technology Disposable Asset Services

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When it comes time for a business to dispose of its obsolete information technology assets, often these items are thrown into a dumpster or other improper means of disposal. Some precautions may be taken with data storage devices, such as hard discs, but much of these outdated or broken equipment is simply thrown away. There are several reasons that this should be avoided. The following are three of the most important reasons to use a professional company for this type of disposal.  Data security for obsolete storage devices Storage devices containing an assortment of private data can fall into the wrong hands. Employee information, customer information, and proprietary data are only a few examples. Some of this data can create a liability for a business if it is stolen. Of course, this is not something that you are unaware of, but attempting to erase data from a storage device before it is discarded is not sufficient to protect information. Data can still be read by the right equipment in the hands of skilled thieves. The answer to this problem is to allow a professional IT disposable asset service to do this work for you. Proper and safe disposal is assured, and will also reduce liability for your company. Environmental protection Electronic equipment such as computers, monitors and even old cell phones contain an assortment of chemicals that are not biodegradable. Depending upon where the landfill is located and the nature of the chemical waste, it is possible for the waste to find its way into our ecosystem. Dangerous chemicals include the lead in the computer monitors, lithium in batteries found in cell phones and mercury found in the backlighting of LCDs. The list of dangerous chemicals is a long one, and it can be argued that the most important aspect of using an IT disposable asset service is to protect our environment. Building a reputation for environmental responsibility By using a professional and certified disposal service, you will be building a reputation for being responsible to the environment. Depending upon federal, state and local regulations, it may be easier to comply with the law, so you will be avoiding possible fines. Legal liability from potential lawsuits may be avoided by disposing of electronic waste in this manner. Electronic waste and data security are a growing problem in this country and around the world. Even without any regulations regarding their disposal, you owe it to your community as well as your customers and employees to dispose of these items properly through electronic...

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Are Family Reunions Getting Too Difficult To Clean Up? Tips For Making These Gatherings Cleaner And Easier

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Family reunion season is just around the corner. Many families tend to use the summer, Memorial Day weekend, and Independence Day to organize massive family gatherings with second, third, and fourth cousins. If you look forward to seeing your great aunt Bertha and your second cousin Eddie, but do not look forward to the after-party clean-up, here are some tips for making these gatherings cleaner and easier. Move the Bathrooms Outdoors With that many family members encroaching on one place, you can bet your bathroom (or bathrooms, if you have more than one) is going to be a very busy and messy place. This year, why not move the bathrooms outdoors? Portable toilets and portable sink stations can be rented and dropped on the lawn. You can redirect all of your family members to these rentals to wash up and take care of their toileting needs. If they mess up these bathrooms, you do not have to clean them either. The porta-potty rental service takes care of that. When the guests are finally gone, the service returns to pick up the toilets and outdoor handwashing stations. They clean, empty, and sanitize the stations before renting them out again. Meanwhile, your own indoor bathroom remains tidy. Use Dumpster Rental Services When you have between twenty and seventy people consuming mass quantities of BBQ, beverages in bottles and cans and using lots and lots of paper plates and napkins, you are going to need some way to keep that mess tidy and out of sight. A dumpster rental service provides you with a dumpster for trash and leftover BBQ scraps, a dumpster for paper and cardboard recycling, and a dumpster for all of those cans and bottles. You can rent them for as long as your family hangs around or as short as a single day and the dumpster service will come and retrieve the whole mess. None of that ends up in your kitchen or blowing around on your lawn. Click the link for a dumpster rental service or do an online search.  Use a Caterer With a family reunion of any size, things tend to get a little hairy, and nobody really gets a chance to visit with anyone. When the whole event is at your house, you are usually the one cooking and preparing all of the food, which means you are stuck in the kitchen or stuck at the grill. If, this year, you would rather sit and actually enjoy a glass of wine while conversing with family, hire a caterer. The caterer does all of the food prep, cooking, and serving, and best of all, the caterer cleans it all up and does not leave even a drop of mustard behind on the picnic...

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Tips For Buying Used Rims

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Rims can be an expensive part for your car if you are buying them new. Whether you need to replace a damaged rim, need a rim so you can upgrade to a full-size spare, or want a set of rims so you can keep your snow tires mounted, used rims provide a cost-saving alternative to new. You can find used rims, often in near pristine condition, at an auto recycler yard. Recyclers often get cars that have been totaled in an accident, but the rims were untouched. The following tips can help you spot a good rim when you are shopping used. Tip #1: Double Check Your Measurements There are three main measurements you need to match up between the rim and your vehicle: Bolt spacing and pattern. This is the most important one because you can’t put the rim on your car if this doesn’t match. Fortunately, most manufacturers use the same pattern for all their models, so sticking with the same manufacturer usually makes it easy to match this measurement. Centerbore. This is the hole in the center of the rim, and it determines how well the rim is centered on the axle’s hub. Measure the diameter of the centerbore and then double check that any rims you are looking at match the measurement you took from your current rims. Wheel measurements. This is the diameter and width of the rim. If you are simply buying a single replacement rim, you will need to make sure that this matches the measurements of the rest of your rims. If you are getting all new rims, check with your car’s manufacturer or look in the owner’s manual to see which sizes of rims are safe for your vehicle. Tip #2: Check for Damage There are two main types of damage that you can spot with just your eye. The first is rust damage – if a rim shows signs of rust or discoloration, keep looking. Rust will eventually eat away at the metal, plus it is unsightly. The other easy-to-spot problem is damage to the outer edges of the rim. If the edge of the rim is bent, then your tire won’t seal against it properly, which means the tire can’t hold air. There should be no visible damage to the rim. Tip #3: Look for Warping Warped rims may not be as obvious as bent or rusted rims. You can check on site by standing the rim upright in a level area and rolling it. It should roll smoothly if it is perfectly round – a warped rim will have a jerky or bumpy roll. After the roll test, lay the rim flat on level ground. There should be no gaps between it and the ground at any point if it isn’t warped. Flip the rim and check the other side, just to be sure. For more information, contact Miamitown Auto Parts & Recycling or a similar...

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