Three Reasons To Use Professional Information Technology Disposable Asset Services


When it comes time for a business to dispose of its obsolete information technology assets, often these items are thrown into a dumpster or other improper means of disposal. Some precautions may be taken with data storage devices, such as hard discs, but much of these outdated or broken equipment is simply thrown away. There are several reasons that this should be avoided. The following are three of the most important reasons to use a professional company for this type of disposal. 

Data security for obsolete storage devices

Storage devices containing an assortment of private data can fall into the wrong hands. Employee information, customer information, and proprietary data are only a few examples. Some of this data can create a liability for a business if it is stolen. Of course, this is not something that you are unaware of, but attempting to erase data from a storage device before it is discarded is not sufficient to protect information. Data can still be read by the right equipment in the hands of skilled thieves. The answer to this problem is to allow a professional IT disposable asset service to do this work for you. Proper and safe disposal is assured, and will also reduce liability for your company.

Environmental protection

Electronic equipment such as computers, monitors and even old cell phones contain an assortment of chemicals that are not biodegradable. Depending upon where the landfill is located and the nature of the chemical waste, it is possible for the waste to find its way into our ecosystem. Dangerous chemicals include the lead in the computer monitors, lithium in batteries found in cell phones and mercury found in the backlighting of LCDs. The list of dangerous chemicals is a long one, and it can be argued that the most important aspect of using an IT disposable asset service is to protect our environment.

Building a reputation for environmental responsibility

By using a professional and certified disposal service, you will be building a reputation for being responsible to the environment. Depending upon federal, state and local regulations, it may be easier to comply with the law, so you will be avoiding possible fines. Legal liability from potential lawsuits may be avoided by disposing of electronic waste in this manner.

Electronic waste and data security are a growing problem in this country and around the world. Even without any regulations regarding their disposal, you owe it to your community as well as your customers and employees to dispose of these items properly through electronic recycling.


9 May 2016

Recycling More Effectively

After we made a commitment to focus on the environment as a family, we decided that it might make sense to start recycling. We focused carefully on sorting our plastic, metal, and paper, and we were able to completely overhaul how much trash we threw away. Within a few days, we were able to see a reduction in our amount of normal garbage accumulation, and an increase in the amount of materials we were sending in for recycling. It was great to teach our kids what they needed to know to protect the environment. This blog is all about learning how to recycle more effectively.