4 Tips For Selling Your Junk Car At A Local Scrap Yard


Are you interested in scrapping or selling your old car for parts? If so, then you'll want to begin by searching for reputable scrap yards in your area. Scrapping your car is a great way to get some cash in your pocket while also saving yourself the hassle of finding a buyer for your vehicle. Still, before you scrap or sell your car, there are a few important tips you'll want to keep in mind.

Research Current Values

For starters, take the time to research what kind of money you can expect to get for your vehicle. This way, you'll be well-informed and can ensure you get a find a reasonable offer. If your car is still in decent running shape, consider researching the Kelley Blue Book value and bringing that paperwork with you. Or, if you're only planning on selling the car for its working parts, take the time to research how much money each of those parts tends to sell for online.

Find Out About Requirements

Depending on where you live, there are some specific requirements that you may need to follow in order to legally scrap your car. In most cases, for example, you'll at least need to bring your vehicle registration, along with a title to the vehicle (this is done to ensure that there are no lien holders on the car itself).  Also, keep in mind that when you scrap your car, you may have to surrender your license plate as well.

Don't Forget the Receipt

Your auto insurance company will need to know when you scrap your car so that they can end your coverage. However, most auto insurance companies will also require you to provide proof that the car was scrapped, so you'll need to obtain a copy of your receipt from the scrapyard. Not to mention, this is something that's good to have for your own records as well.

Determine Your Best Bet

Take the time to research your options and determine which will yield you the most money. For example, you may be able to maximize your profits by taking the time to remove your own car parts and sell them individually, rather than having the scrap yard handle this for you. Of course, whether or not this is worth it will depend on how experienced you are when it comes to removing car parts and how knowledgeable you are on what each part is worth. Contact a company like TVM Recycling for more information.


11 May 2016

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