What Types Of Plastic Scrap Can Your Company Recycle?


You might be pretty familiar with scrap metal recycling, but you should also realize that there are entire businesses out there that focus on the recycling of scrap plastic. If your business ends up with a lot of scrap plastic, you'll probably want to work with one of these companies. Some of the different types of scrap plastic that you can get rid of with the help of one of these companies are listed here.

Plastic Pallets

For one thing, your company might have made the switch to using plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets. Plastic pallets are easier to clean, so they are ideal for use with food items, medical items and other things that need to be kept clean and sanitary. They do not have any nails, so you don't have to worry about nails puncturing your products. You also do not have to worry about getting splinters when working with them. If your company uses plastic pallets or if you are planning on making the switch to plastic pallets, though, you could be concerned about how to get rid of them when you are finished with them. A plastic scrap recycling company can help with this.

Plastic Storage Bins or Totes

You might use plastic storage bins or totes in your business for storage. This is smart, since plastic storage bins are usually pretty sturdy and are easy to clean. They can help protect your items from getting wet or dirty, and they're easy to stack so that you can organize your business. They can eventually crack or warp, though, and when this happens, you can dispose of them with a plastic recycling company.

Scrap Plastic From Manufacturing

You might use plastic to make many of the products that your business manufactures. If this is true, then scrap plastic might be something that you find yourself dealing with all of the time. Disposing of it responsibly is easy when you use a scrap plastic recycling company's services, though.

In your industry, you might find yourself working with plastic products and materials on a regular basis. If this is true, then it's only natural that you are going to have to get rid of scrap plastic from time to time. The good news is that plastic scrap recycling companies do exist and can help you and your business get rid of all of the scrap plastic that you might be dealing with, such as the types of plastic items as are listed above.


28 March 2019

Recycling More Effectively

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